She’s a Fighter

This last weekend the ladies of PGB ran a 5k to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.  We talked about prevention, listened as stories of cancer has devastated families and remembered all our own heroes that have had cancer.


One of the most meaningful moments for me though was looking over a table of candles with names written on the label.  Each one representing a beautiful life lost.  Each one representing the families left behind and the years of struggle to get used to a new normal without their loved one in it.

If there’s anything I truly believe in though, it is the power of using the things that have hurt us in this world for power and courage to compel us to accomplish great things.

I grew up with a beautiful woman named Debbie.  She just seemed to be a constant in my life in a little trailer park in Page Arizona. Throughout my High school years she was at church every Sunday sharing words of wisdom with me.  When I think of my child hood, I think of Debbie.  It’s just so hard to imagine that small town without her in it.  How could anyone possibly move on without her there?  It’s just so hard going back and realizing that she’s not there anymore.  In fact she hasn’t been there for many years now.

There’s just nothing right about it.  There should be more than just a candle burning for her.

This is what cancer does.  In the wake of so much heartache and loss we are required to move on.  Is that a complete joke? One of my dear sweet friends is preparing for her world to crumble in this same manner.  Is there any hope or happiness that could come from a whole that will never be filled?

It would be so easy for us after our loved ones take their last breath to give up and to lose our heart.  However, this inward cave of devastation that seems so alluring can wreck a soul for a lifetime.

If we can listen to our own hearts in the midst, we will likely hear a small voice within us all that says “Remember who she was”.  “Remember her character and the words of wisdom she so courageously gave you”.  “Remember how she cared about you”. “Remember how she changed your world”.

When you remember, it gives you a strength that changes the world.  When you live for her and dedicate your challenges to her you become unbreakable.  It’s the greatest gift to her legacy we can give her.  The gift of our life.  It doesn’t bring her back or wipe away the tears, but it does change the world in her honor.

Love deeper, fight harder, go farther.

She proved she was a fighter with undeniable strength.  Let’s pick up those gloves and fight harder for her.  This one’s for you Debbie.

She's a Fighter
She’s a Fighter

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